This town, like every town, has had and has its own way of doing things and way of being. Maybe because of its difficult terrain, its climate and its geopolitical situation throughout history... it is a very peculiar way, a primitive and universal idiosyncrasy. It is the Basque people that we call Euskal Herria (the Basque Country).

This villa, now a small renovated hotel, contains in its architecture and its rural setting a very unique period and atmosphere representative of Basque historical, social and cultural "becoming". This is the first neo-Basque villa, built in the late nineteenth century during the full vivacity of European regionalism with Romantic roots and an unquestionable response to the great crisis with identity overtones caused by the autonomous abolition 1876-79 (which has yet to be resolved.).

It was built in 1883 by geologist Ramón María Adán de Yarza and conceived as a summer house. Those were the times when British tourism along the southern coasts of France was born (for us Basques, this took place in Iparralde, as it is considered northern Basque Country). This was the time of therapeutic sea- and sun- bathing, of spas ... and of course the atmosphere of the bourgeoisie, of industrialization.

Obviously the hotel requires a different type of comfort than what was conceived of in the nineteenth century. However, we wanted to keep the large, bright, open-plan spaces that inspired its original layout.

Thus there are four apartments, also as a bedroom or suite, of 52 m 2, consisting of a bedroom, sitting room/dining room, bathroom and kitchen, all overlooking the sea and the garden.

Its location crowns the bay of Karraspio beach on the former dunes to the north. To the West, lies the medieval village of Lekeitio. There is a panoramic view of it from an observation point, highlighting the profile of the tower and Gothic flying buttresses of the basilica, the port, and the urban tower houses. To the South, lies the marsh formed by the River Lea in its estuary, with hydraulic engineering on both banks, shipyards, a tide mill and the most beautiful Baroque palace of Biscay , Zubieta, the birthplace of the lineage of Adán de Yarza . The lush forest ... A mosaic that is concentrated in this area of sea, forest and ingenuity ... A place to hear and feel these people, their history and culture.

Do not worry, for in addition to this historical flavour, we are a lively people and we know how to have fun, enjoy the beach and the non-coastal regions. We enjoy our culture and others, and also we know how to eat and drink well- actually, really well. In fact, excellently if we put our minds to it.

In sum, we'll supply the hotel, the accommodation, the service and the setting. The rest is up to you to do "à la carte" (of course, we'll give you a little help setting things up according to your wishes ...). To begin with, take a look at our suggestions .......... To begin with, take a look at our suggestions

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