Titular de espacios comunes del hotel Villa Itsaso en Lekeitio

Hotel Villa Itsaso is a hundred-year-old building that wraps you in the nobility of its original wood (loblolly pine, oak, chestnut), stained glass windows, decorative fireplaces, hydraulic floors and handcrafted cabinetry.

This accommodation is located in Lekeitio next to Karraspio beach, on a plot of land where between 1875 and 1880, a large English garden was installed in Lekeitio. It borders the spa town where the Adán de Yarzas enjoyed their vacations, sea-bathing and sunbathing the therapies of that time. An English garden that combined native specimens that would give a wild-natural aspect to the farm; carefully selected, rinsed and trimmed, combined with more exotic species, which provided a seasonal colour, in addition to beautifying the views from the house's rooms.

Indoors, the hotel has a function room/bar ( txoko ) on the ground floor. You can relax there for a while, having coffee or a snack, while checking out the cultural or tourist information being offered.

The bar available for the exclusive use of guests, and a small library will enable you to plan trips, meet travelling companions, relatives, chat with the woman who runs the hotel or with other travellers, etc.

Villa Itsaso Aldegi. Likoa 30. Mendexa 48289 Bizkaia.• Phone: 606 005 005 • Mail: hotel@hotelvillaitsaso.com