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Lekeitio itself deserves one day walking around its streets, observing port activity; direct fish sales; oarsmen training in characteristic Cantabrian trawlers ...

The most cultural Lekeitio, highlighting its civil and religious palatial architecture... It is interesting how one could take a virtual tour through the history of universal architecture in this town, reflected in its unique Basque way.

Worth noting are the unique Gothic basilica and the Renaissance and Baroque style in the Zubieta palace as the most stylistically beautiful building in Biscay.

Street Theatre, music, a wide variety of restaurants for sampling the pintxos (Basque tapas), txikiteo (the tradition of visiting various bars to try the wines) ... and a thalassotherapy centre, expand this town's options.

Links of interest:

The official website of Lekeitio.

The Lekeitio Webcam.

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