titular rutas turísticas

titular de la comarca de lea


Undoubtedly, the plan we recommend most enthusiastically is to spend a day or two here in the region of the river Leacomarca and Lekeitio.

This will depend on the ages and abilities of the people in your group.

There is a prepared route, which is not very difficult, that has been approved as a trail. It runs along the river Lea. It is 23 km long and can be partially or completely hiked, starting from the hotel. It is a brown sand path, which is very comfortable and pleasant to walk on.

It is self-guided, with a small guide published by its developers. It primarily shows the remains of hydraulic engineering, that has been running on the energy of its waters since the fourteenth century.

It runs through small towns in the region's interior such as Munitibar-Gerrikaitz, Aulesti, Gizaburuaga, Amoroto, Mendexa, and Ispaster, all of which are true to their rural environment and genuine Basque culture.

If you would like, we can offer you a personal guide for the tour.

In Gerrikaitz, the route connects to the "Camino de Santiago" (Way of Saint James) in the north, coming from the collegiate church of Ziortza towards Gernica .

It is also part of the GR 38 (GR is a long-distance footpath network in Europe ) "Wine and Fish Route", which links the ports of Cantabria and Rioja with a historic route of the products that bear its name. It is a day of walking and getting to know the immediate surroundings, in all historical, natural and cultural senses.

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