The hotel is attended 24 hours a day. This accommodation in Lekeitio features a private car park, concierge service, reception, telephone-fax-telecommunications, TV and computer, and Wi-Fi Internet connection permanently available to customers.

The woman who runs the hotel will guide you in booking restaurants, transport, thalassotherapy, or any other issue that may arise during the stay.

We offer a tour guide service in the historic district of Lekeitio and the "Lea Ibilbidea" or the " Lea Route ." Both tours last half a day, and are topped off with lunch or dinner, so as to enjoy the region's wide range of cuisine.

Laundry service. You have at your disposal a laundry and ironing service. Clothes will be returned to you within 48 hours, and with urgent situations, within 24 hours.

Villa Itsaso Aldegi. Likoa 30. Mendexa 48289 Bizkaia.• Phone: 606 005 005 • Mail: